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Constitutional Carry has been signed by Governor Greg Abbott into law! Coming September 1, 2021, Texas will become the 21st constitutional carry state, allowing eligible citizens to carry without a LTC, open or concealed. While this is a historical win for Texas residents, having a License to Carry may still be a better option. See the advantages of having a LTC below.

Either way you go, we still HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU to know the laws, proactively train, and become proficient.

Knowing the laws will prevent law abiding citizens from inadvertently breaking the law. Not knowing the law will not be a justifiable excuse and can result in prosecution. In some cases, an individual may be able to purchase a handgun but may not be able to carry under permitless law.
Now more than ever it’s time to spend time at the range and seeking professional training. You are only going to get as good as you practice.

LTC Advantages

  • Basic handgun use and safety
  • Knowledge of carry laws
  • Reciprocity with 37 other states
  • Campus carry
  • School zone carry
  • School employees can conceal a handgun in their vehicle while at work
  • Volunteer security guard at a place of worship
  • Easier interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Bypass background check with purchasing a firearm
  • Protection when carrying pass no guns signs
  • Active military member 18 years can apply
  • Are allowed “oopsies” at airports
  • Legal protection a LTC provides
  • Legal form of ID
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Peace of mind
License To Carry (LTC)

Texas Law Shield has provided us with a free downloadable guide to Texas Constitutional Carry. Not a member?