I was so nervous about taking the basic course and LTC today that I wasn't planning to go. I ended up going anyway and am so very glad I did. The class was great and the instructors made it very comfortable and fun. I discovered I actually liked shooting and feel a new sense of confidence. I plan to continue practicing and shooting and attending higher level training with you all. I loved the ability to attend a women's class only. Will definitely recommend to anyone.

Melinda Leo-Rodriguez
21 January 2018

Today I took the Basic pistol 101 course along with the License to Carry course. I have never felt comfortable enough to load a gun and rarely attempted shooting one. The instructor Emmanuel, his wife, and Danny were very professional and informative. I will definitely recommend these courses to my family and friends. I have obtained a great deal of knowledge and feel so much more comfortable handing a handgun. I felt safe while practicing shooting and was corrected immediately to be successful during shooting. Thank you for a great experience and will be back when you have an intermediate course!

Yesenia Longoria
22 October 2017