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License to Carry (LTC/CHL)

The LTC course is the required class by the State of Texas to obtain a handgun license. The License to Carry (LTC/CHL) will allow you to carry an open or concealed, any caliber, semi-automatic or revolvers.

The average LTC class time including classroom and range qualification is five hours. The first step in getting the LTC is to take the class. The required material taught in LTC class is on a very basic level and easy to understand. Students now have the option to take the License to Carry class online. To take the class online click here. The required shooting portion of the LTC class is also on a very basic level and focuses mostly on safe gun handling. To practice the range qualification, students can download a free LTC target here.

We will cover the application process in the class and provide you with instructions. There is nothing needed to complete before taking the class.

We offer the LTC class online, women only and in Spanish.

Benefits of Having a License to Carry!

There are many benefits to having a Texas LTC that are not recognized under constitutional carry. The Texas license to carry provides many advantages, including trespass protection that do not apply under constitutional carry.

LTC Advantages

License To Carry (LTC)
  • Basic handgun use and safety instruction
  • Knowledge of carry laws
  • Reciprocity with 37 other states
  • Campus carry
  • School zone carry
  • Protection for school district employees
  • Easier interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Bypass NICS background check
  • Protection from “no guns” signs
  • Trespass protection
  • 18+ y/o military members are eligible
  • Are allowed “oopsies” at airports
  • Legal protection a LTC provides
  • Legal form of ID
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Peace of mind

Reciprocity Map

During the License to Carry class period of instruction, you will learn about:

Classroom Instructions

Laws as they relate to carrying a handgun and the use of force

– Interaction with law enforcement and law enforcement response

– Safe storage

– Non-violent dispute resolution

– Situation awareness

– Conflict avoidance and deescalation of force

Range Instruction

  • Basic handgun use and safety
    • Loading and unloading
    • Sight alignment
    • Breathing control
    • Grip
    • Trigger prep
    • Follow through
    • Stands
    • Eye dominance
    • Malfunctions
    • Basic range commands

Proficiency Demonstration

  1. 20 shots at 3 yards
  2. 20 shots at 7 yards
  3. 10 shots at 15 yards

What to bring to the LTC class

  • Semi-automatic handgun or a revolver (any caliber), unloaded and in a box, case or bag.
  • One box with 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Baseball Cap or hat
  • Safety, prescription or sun glasses 
  • Hearing protection (earplugs or earmuffs)
  • Footwear that covers both feet entirely 
  • No low cut or “V” neck shirts
  • Hand towel

Handgun rentals are available for $25, and include 50 rounds of ammunition.
Eye and ear protection are available upon request.


Wear something comfortable (check weather). It’s an outdoor range, don’t wear your Sunday best! 

Cost per student $80