Online Constitutional Carry

Texas Constitutional Carry

HB 1927, Constitutional Carry became effective September 1, 2021. Students can take the online Constitutional Carry (permitless) class from the comfort of their home for ONLY $39 limited time $29Operation Shield offers the online Constitutional Carry class through Texas Carry Academy. The online constitutional carry class is only 30 minutes long and works on all electronic devices. Students can stop, log out, log back in, and pick up right where you left off!

Who can take the Online Constitutional Carry?

Anyone can take the course! The Online Constitutional Carry (permitless) course will cover what you need to know to carry legally and safely in Texas without a License to Carry. Carrying without a LTC has rules, restrictions and regulations that are NOT the same as for those with a license to carry. Not knowing the law is not an excuse. This is not a License to Carry course, or does not replace the LTC program. License to carry holders have less restrictions. Find more info here.

The online constitutional carry course covers:

  • Constitutional carry laws
  • Legal requirements to carry without a LTC
  • Off limit places
  • Trespass laws
  • Applicable signs
  • Use of force

No Test

No Application

No Shooting

Permitless Carry

There are a significant number of laws that most people don’t know about that could get YOU in trouble. This course was developed to teach the laws, requirements and restrictions that come with constitutional carry. After taking the course you will be able to carry with the peace of mind that comes from knowing the laws.

Individual responsibility is a MUST. We recommend students learn the laws along with handgun use and safety. There are individuals that can legally purchase a firearm; however, they may not qualify to carry under LTC or constitutional carry. Texas added eligibility restrictions, and increased the penalties for individuals who carry and do not meet the requirements. It’s important that you understand and know these laws and restrictions. Our online permitless carry course makes it easy for only $39.

We break down all the laws so they are easy to understand. It works on all devices including your smartphone. We also added a bonus Use of Force law video. Start carrying with confidence today!

Cost per Student is $39

For limited time the course is only $29