Handgun Fundamentals will help students develop the necessary basic skills and give students the confidence needed to handle a handgun safely. This course is a maximum of three hours long in a private setting. Class size is limited to small groups of no more than five people so that students are able to receive one on one instruction. The purpose of the handgun fundamentals course is to work individually with the student to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. Students will leave the class with the necessary knowledge, self reliance and empowerment needed to manipulate a handgun.

Handgun fundamentals covers:

  • Safety rules 
  • Ammunition considerations and components 
  • Magazine components 
  • Handgun components
  • Gear considerations 
  • Handgun fundamentals 
  • Stoppages and malfunctions 
  • Speed vs accuracy 

What to bring to the class

  • Semi-automatic handgun or a revolver (any caliber), unloaded and in a box, case or bag.
  • One box with 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Baseball Cap or hat
  • Safety,  prescription or sun glasses 
  • Hearing protection (earplugs or earmuffs)
  • Footwear that covers both feet entirely 
  • No low cut or “V” neck shirts
  • Hand towel

Handgun rentals available. All handgun rentals include 50 rounds of ammunition.
Ammunition also sold separately 
Eye and ear protection are available upon request.

Cost per student $100.00

Call 956-887-1478 to set up an appointment