The Basic Pistol course is designed for new shooters, first time gun owners, or individuals looking to purchase their first firearm. Our goal is to teach the basic knowledge and skills necessary for using a handgun SAFELY, while students learn the functionality of their handgun.

Basic Pistol course also covers how to use both semi-automatic handguns and revolvers. Students will get the opportunity to shoot different handguns and calibers. This course is approximately four to six hours long, giving the students time to learn and become familiar with different aspects of safe gun handling.

The Basic Pistol course covers:

  • Safety rules 
  • Clearing Semi-automatic handguns and revolvers 
  • Definition of a gun’s action
  • Understanding Semi-automatics handguns 
  • Understanding Revolvers 
  • Understanding magazines 
  • Selecting a handgun 
  • Magazine components 
  • Ammunition considerations and components 
  • Ammunition care and storage
  • Stoppages and malfunctions 
  • Defensive shooting VS Marksmanship
  • Speed vs accuracy 
  • Handgun fundamentals
  • Weapon maintenance
  • Gear considerations 

Come to the range ready with

  • Semi-automatic handgun or a revolver
  • Cap
  • Safety or prescription glasses 
  • Ear protection
  • Footwear that covers both feet entirely 
  • One box of 50-100 round ammunition

Handgun rentals available. All handgun rentals include 50 rounds of ammunition.
Ammunition also sold separately 
Eye and ear protection are available upon request.

Cost per student $150.00